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October 21, 2012
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EAT IT by Lyiba-MoonEyes EAT IT by Lyiba-MoonEyes
Something SO silly I did one morning. Great wake-up exercise, questionable outcome. ^^; I think I need to shed some light on the matter.

It's been pointed out in Tara's bio that she has an aversion for biting things. This is because she still possesses 2/3rd's of her baby teeth, and the majority of said teeth are on the very cusp of falling out. Also, since Tara hasn't had an adult figure to tell her that it's completely normal for her to loose baby teeth, she has a morbid fear of her teeth falling out. She thinks she's lucky that the first few teeth that fell out grew back again, but she's afraid that if the others fall out, that'll be it for her teeth. (Also, I'd believe that Hiral wouldn't have said much on the matter, as I don't believe Tara would have related this to her, and they both believe in swallowing food alive anyway)

Rio, on the other-hand, is a rugged MEATAVORE and is completely disgusted with the way Tara chooses to feed herself. Red meat is the ONLY way to eat. THE ONLY WAY.

While normally he's patient with her to try eating actual animal proteins, a scenario like this isn't too far-fetched. Also, I doubt I'll ever get to draw Rio this excitable again. He's too-cool-for-school.

So uh...yeah. It's still pretty silly :shrug:

I'll get back to actual productivity.

Felarya is (c) :iconkarbo:

Tara/Rio are (c) me

PS: I apologize for obscure Kansas humor :P
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Hahaha its what's for dinner!
I don't know the character completely so this is more a personal experience thing than anything. But the only way to really have baby teeth longer than normal is if the teeth are impacted in such a way the adult teeth don't grow into their places but in the channel areas they initially reside in. Case and point i have an incisor up almost right under my sinuses because the baby tooth is impacted. In most other situations if the baby teeth are on the verge of falling out it isn't entirely impossible for the adult teeth to grow under the teeth and out, forcing the baby teeth to fall out.

Another fact I've learned from frequent visits to dentists and what have you planning to remove said tooth and get the incisor in place. While it isn't impossible to retain baby teeth for a long time it's actually dangerous to a persons health cause the teeth won;t fit the size of the mouth so to speak so there will be gaps and spaces in the teeth. Not that that's a problem in Felarya but food for thought.

Real life details aside. Great picture and concepts i find the humor amusing.
My brother had to get one of his baby teeth removed when he was about 12, because his adult tooth had grown in but the baby tooth never fell out, so he had two teeth growing in conjunction with each other in the same spot. It was actually quite spectacular to see. It actually has nothing to do with Tara, but I figured since we were sharing baby teeth stories, I'd share my most bizarre :)

What you described (the adult teeth pushing out baby teeth) is pretty much at the stage Tara's at right now. Her adult teefs are growing in regardless of her wishes to bite things or Rio's insistence to eat meat, and those baby teeth are, indeed, coming out. I'm merely setting the stage for the inevitable panic that's so uncharacteristic of Tara in the future that might also become a cleverly disguised plot device... spoilers :D
I haven't seen much of your work, unfortunetly, but if all the characters and interactions are so cleverly thought out I might take a peek.

Though, to continue with bizarre teeth related stuff I have such a high pain tolerance I've apparently had teeth where I need root canals but event hen it's only a slight itch... Which doesn;t help when you have such weak enamle the way they describe you describe teeth in general is Chalk Teeth. As such I have more porselin than teeth in some ways now x.x
Eat the beef, it's tasty and delicious. I have to agree with the others, their expressions are hilarious, :)
Karbo Oct 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I just LOVE their expressions XD
great work ^__^
This hilarious! XD I love both their expressions and the warm colour palette this piece has :)
Devastar Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
[link] !!!!
shrodu Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Meatavore? Don't you mean Carnivore? O_o;;
I was a real bitch to get to eat things I didn't want to when I was a kid too.
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