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September 30, 2010
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Influence Map-- ME edition by Lyiba-MoonEyes Influence Map-- ME edition by Lyiba-MoonEyes
....cuz everyone was doing it! D=

No, seriously. EVERYONE was doing it. I've never seen a meme so popular in all my time on dA. It's so cool, it's...inspiring...


Anyway, I'm sure I did this thing wrong ^^; Some of the sizes aren't exactly right, and I'm sure this is supposed to be for other ART pieces that inspire me, instead of the plethora of otherworldly things I've jotted down. Besides, I'm missing a few key inspirational factors to boot, such as video games (mostly works from Nintendo, Square Enix, Team Ico, and Koei, though there are a few others besides) But I figure "what the hell, I got the gist of it down"

I did this probably a month ago? But my crappish internet wouldn't upload it >.< Miraculously, however, it's running REALLY REALLY fast today and I got lucky ;)

So here are most of the things that inspire my art in my life =3


1) My animals

Only a mother's love can be compared to my love the animals I care for. It's incredible, unconditional, and all consuming, and I don't know what I would do without them. The picture is of my 4 month old colt, my baby boy Spot, and the picture was taken when he was less than a day old. It's amazing how sentient animals are; walking around, you notice certain behavioral patterns that mimic everyday life with any group of humans. They're humorous and lively, composed in their own little hierarchies, most of which I'm a part of myself. I love them all: my horses, chickens, ducks, guineas, and random turkey, Terrie; my dogs, Journey and Bingo; my rabbits, cockatiels, macaws, and last little lovebird and dove. When one *or more* of my animals die, it has an impact on me far beyond imagining. I strive to include some of the behaviors and character of the animals I have in my art, and of course, they are an endless inspiration for fantastic beasts and stories of all kinds. Tara was a manifestation of Ty, my cat, may he rest in peace @.@

2) Sailor Moon

Oh gosh XD I haven't seen that show in years....oh, how I miss it. It was one of the first anime I've ever seen *the VERY first was Dragon Ball Z, which is why I'm so violent and why I enjoy strong men and biceps, but DBZ didn't carry into my art as much as Sailor Moon did =/* I'm sure my love of legs and breasts come from this show, which is terrible for self-image in young girls, but enjoyable nonetheless. Also it was the first thing EVER that introduced me to homosexual relationships. Even if the English version of Sailor Moon introduced Uranus and Neptune as "cousins", I always knew it was something different and far more intimate, and because of it it always sparked my romantic imagination =3 *although, when I found out they really WERE lesbians, I was still somewhat shocked ^^;*

3) Science

Anything that can be found in a book labeled "science". Chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology, biology, psychology, anatomy-- all of it. The natural order of the world is astounding, her power and benevolence in equal measure is something both beautiful and terrible to behold. I'm simply amazed by the world we live in, and frequently I wonder how much more wonderful it would be if she were whole and healthy.

4) Culture

I love people. I really do. Don't get me wrong, I hate them with a fiery passion. Mostly, I hate the ones with money and privilege, because they don't truly appreciate the life they have been given. All those small people; small town America, Europe, All over Asia, Africa, South America-- just everyone, those are the people I love and respect. I love our adaptability, our ingrained respect for nature and willingness to serve a higher being. These aspects have been tempered slightly, yes, but they still live on in the hearts of the native people, from Scandinavia down to Australia. In my art, I try to depict many different cultures and types of people, because variety is the spice fat of life, and the right amount of fat makes things taste good :meow:

5) Music

Without it, I doubt I'd draw very much of anything. I need music. It sways my mood, organizes my thoughts, relaxes me, soothes me, gets me in the rhythm. Different types of music influence my stories and worlds, and without music, I wouldn't dream as richly as I do now *if you don't know, most my artistic ideas come from dreams I have* It has to be music, though, not noise. Noise is just shit people record hastily with over-used lyrics and beats because it sells well with ignorant teenage dandies. Music comes from the soul, and it could be conveyed in hip-hop, R&B, rap, country, techno, ska, classic, rock-- whatever. I frequently find myself trying to convey a certain style of music into an art piece.

6) Friends and family

Say hi to Asthin! =D Anyway, I'm pretty sure the people of my life influence my art the most, even if they're not other artists. Predominate of the people who influence me are: My mother and father, my other artistic friends *yes, Sahvahnah, you too :heart: I miss you @.@* my "teachers", and my brother, whose extensive game knowledge helps me get the character designs right. Sometimes.


Dat durr is Hayao Miyazaki >D He's a fiery beast when it comes to animation and storytelling. His stories are incredibly simple, though he conveys a certain character and mood in them that turns them into masterpieces. Among those I love best are Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, and Howl's Moving Castle *made me cry @.@*


Both the place and the person. Walt was a disturbing man, which I like, yet he handled his business well. He is an American success story, and I want to emmulate his example *except I don't want to be the OCD power hungry war monger like he turned out to be x.x*. Of course, I went to Disney World and it completely rocked my world. I walked down the street of MAGIC KINGDOM for crying out loud. While there, I immersed myself in any drawing class or demonstration I could find; the style of Disney art and animation holds a childlike magic that I try to emulate in my more "younger" pictures.

9) Toonami/Adult Swim

I'm talking about early toonami, around 1999-2003 era, before it went downhill-crappish. I'm saying toonami, adult swim, and cartoon network in general because it had ALL of the shows I watched when I was younger that influenced my art the heaviest: Sailor Moon *duh*, Hamtaro, Outlaw Star, Big O, YuYu Hakusho *a big one*, Kikaider, Android 009, Inuyasha, FLCL, Case Closed, Tenchi Muyo!, and a plethora of nameless shows I can remember but can't exactly place a name on.

10-13) dA Artists

These four artists I've found on dA have since influenced my artistic style the most :heart: They are:

:iconpetite-emi:-- Her playful, colorful style is infectious, and the darker aspects of her work satisfyingly make me work my mindset. Her crisp line and color is a paradox; it seems as though her work is contained and controlled, yet it just succeeds in emphasizing the wild beauty of her subject matter.

:iconkarbo: -- His landscaping skillz are off the chain, and his technique with color always boggles me. Every time something new comes out in his gallery, I gnash my teeth and go "How the fuck did he do that...?"

:iconendling:-- I've been a huge fan of his work since before I established an account on dA. I love his Living in Sin series, and his lineless coloring style is one I would love to try and emulate, though as of yet I have neither the skill nor the balls to try and pull it off. His witty mannerisms and fiery sense of humor is worth mentioning as well.

:iconwen-m: -- Everytime I look at one of his pictures, I feel lazy. This dude puts millions of tiny details in his work, so much so that you must look at the piece many times before you can grasp all of the tiny details in every picture. I've been striving for a while now to put more and more detail in my work because of him, and so far, I've had some success.

Check them all out

14) Kansas

Where I live, out in the middle of nowhere and nowhere in particular. Sometimes I go out and wish I had a camera the atmosphere is so good....But I don't have one, so I end up having to draw what I see outside :heart: Sadly, you guys never really get to see the fruits of that inspiration ;_;

*if you read all of this....:cookie: You know the drill*
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AxelFuu Mar 8, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Nice, Hayao Miyazaki is the best I love ^^ Howl's Moving Castle
Man i miss old school toonami/adult swim... i miss those good old days
Karbo Oct 2, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I'm honored ^^ Glad my work could inspire you somehow ;)
maelstrom14 Oct 1, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Amen to four, seven and ten-thirteen! Great, now you have me wanting to do this now. :D

Rest in peace miyazaki, your work has been a great inspiration to a great number of us.
maelstrom14 Oct 1, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, about a month or two ago unfortunately. :(
What, no. Miyazaki isn't dead. Satoshi Kon died in August but that was it. Besides, if Miyazaki had died, there'd have been an internet shitstorm.

On another note: Ahh~, Toonami. I'll never forgive Cartoon Network for turning Tom into that springy, stumpy, googly-eyed abortion.

You know why they took it off, right? Too much "profanity", "violence" and "blood"

Though I will admit I SWEAR TO GOD I heard someone say "shit" on their before =3
maelstrom14 Oct 2, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Oh really? hmm, I thought I rad in some journal that he died. well if so, my bad.
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